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Nissan Skyline (1995-1998)

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Harness

Blue = Acc 12v+
Pink = Battery 12v+
Brackets on stereo = Ground

Orange - Grey/Red = Left Rear
Grey - Black/Pink = Right Rear
Brown - Brown/White = Right Front
Purple - Green/Yellow = Left Front

Stereo Removal

1...Remove the ashtray.
2...Undo the screw behind the ashtray.
3...Lift out the gear stick surround.
4...Undo the 2 screws at the bottom left and right of the storage bin. (Pull from under the hand brake.)
5...Using a flat-head screwdriver on the left side, pop out the 2 air vents at the top of the console
6...disconnect the hazard lights.
7...Undo the 2 screw at the top of the heater control.
8...Pull out the heater controls, radio and bin. careful not to mark the centre pannel.
9...Remove the radio from the cage 2 screws each side.

Door Trim Removal

1...Remove 3 screws at the bottom of the door trim.

2...Grab a flat-head screw driver, popout the window switch panel, unplug wire harness.
3...Remove the Plastic trim around the door Handle.

4...Remove screw behind door handle.

5...Use a flat-head screwdriver or door trim removal tool to level out the door card gently.

Speaker Size

Front Doors: 6.5"
Rear Parcel Shelf: 6.5"